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1000 calories burned, now bath then bed with fresh sheets and a nice cup of (decaf) tea. #fabulous

From what I’ve seen on here I’m actually glad to have missed pride this year! And I’ve had a grand wee day shopping (Sooooo many bargains!! love an end of season shopping binge! and will be posting them tomorrow because daaaaamn I’m a savvy shopper!)
Unfortunately I also managed to crack the whole of my front tooth out of my mouth. Fabulous. I look like a hillbilly. Dental hospital tonorrow, will probz need a crown. No way to salvage the actual tooth considering it’s currently under my pillow waiting for the toothfairy. Roots are still in my mouth right enough.
And some work drama too.
I have so much to rant about but right now I’m gonna do another 500 cals on the bike then have a well deserved sleep.
g’night peeps.

So I’m five pounds heavier than I was two months ago (honestly I’m impressed it’s *only* that much).
Was feeling down about it before I realised I’ve lost exactly 40 pounds since I started last year. Gotta take a moment and realise the worls isn’t going to end and remember how far I’ve come already.



my mom’s boyfriend is this 6’2 super buff macho dude with many facial piercings who enjoys death metal and i just came downstairs and found him crying because they had to put down a dog on animal cops

i like him

keep him

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For the last year -ish I’ve been trying to have a more positive outlook. You can tell from here it doesn’t always work…. But the majoritu of the time I’m finding myself naturally inclining towards positivity, regarding my own life and also the people in it. When that’s not possible (and i admit my inner pessimist still frequently gets the better of me) I’m trying to be more laid back and just let it go. Somethibg I’ve always had a problem with.
It’s actually helped in so many ways, even though I’ve been struggling a lot lately I’m handling it way better than I ever could have before the last year. I’m way more confident and assertive. And I’m generally a lot happier.
I just felt this was worth procrastinating over at work to tunblr it. :-)

sorry no read more on phone

I’ve been having a really tough few weeks and reassessing a lot.
My mum’s moving to dumbarton soon. My dad’s probably moving somewhere too, although fuck knows where.
I’m going to lose a lot of people in my life because I’m not able to be here. And I know they won’t make the trip to visit me.
It’s hard, i’m trying really hard to deal with everything but it’s really fucking hard knowing this is the last year I’m going to have 90% of my friends.
Feeling very isolated and almost every attempt I make to reach out over the last month has been knocked back. I’m trying too hard. Again.
And obviously dealing with family situation is hard. And upsetting.
I dont know, I’m just not in the best place right now, and being very negative.
And feeling very lonely. the only person who’s actually holding a conversation with me lately is Connor. And that’ll only last until he realises I’m not going to fuck him.
just ugh.
I can’t even bloody get out of this fucking house because *all of the above*. if i need to listen to the fighting/crying for one more night I’m gonna lose my shit.

Also, why did the devil decide to relocate to my uterus the one day I’m wearing white leggings? This could only end badly.

Been a good day at work, can’t wait to get home and have a nap though!! Only an hour and a half left. Gotta cash up at 5 though so technically only an hour of dealing with Carlisle’s best and brightest (haha)
And stalking people on tumblr is one way to kill the boredom.
That and arranging pride. Dunno if anyone’s coming up with me but I now can’t go out after bc fucking drivers liscence. Might come back and hit Dumfries with the guys (or annan if anyone from here’s coming). Meh. Either way it’s gonna be a nicw day out.

Last day not calorie tracking and I’m going out in style! #chocolatebrownie #muffinbreak

I am so bored. Two sales since 9. Someone come rescue me!!!!

Wearing a suit jacket/black skirt combo in this heat is probably not a good idea. At least I look as hot as I feel. (get it? I’m hilarious.)

I dont have read more on phone. or spellcheck….Sorry!

Realising 90% of the people who are intelligent and whose opinion i respect are voting no to independence.
I don’t know how i feel about that.